Fastener Fair

About the project

This 360° trade fair tour rethinks the traditional trade fair experience. No matter if an on-site appointment is not possible due to spatial distance or scheduling overlap – the detailed presentation of the customer world can still be discovered.

Already upon entering the virtual environment, visitors are greeted by a personal message from a Böllhoff employee, so that they are directly immersed in the trade fair experience. Information on the individual exhibits can be accessed with a simple click through the integrated tags, while the Virtual Screen function enlivens the trade fair environment and ensures a realistic atmosphere.

Thanks to convenient direct links, attendees can easily participate in trade show activities and are seamlessly directed to the Böllhoff eShop, intensifying the interaction process with customers and promoting a smooth user experience.

Another advantage: The 360° tour provides a platform to integrate the trade fair film professionally produced by life is motion and the high-quality photographs cross-medially.