electroplus KARL
KARL Hausgeräte und Küchenmöbel

About the project

Two business branches presented in one tour despite the spatial separation of the business areas – this is possible and was successfully implemented by us in the context of this 360° tour.

With the so-called Entry Pop Up, an automatically opening window at the start of the tour, we inspire the viewers directly with a spectacular FPV drone video. It offers a first insight into the premises and encourages to discover the other contents of the tour. Tour visitors are then given an overview of the brands represented, service areas and opening hours via the embedded media content. These are displayed clearly and concisely with a click on the corresponding tag in the selected full-screen mode. The use of individual icons, which are harmoniously aligned with the corporate design, ensures a stringent brand presence.

Two further highlights are the intuitive direct navigation, which navigates visitors to the corresponding area in the 360° tour with a single click, and the direct link to the online store – an absolutely profitable feature for retailers.

A little side note about the project: we produced the FPV drone video together with the recording of the 360° tour. Another possibility to use synergies is the production of further spots and photos, which in turn can find direct application in the tour.