pronorm - A good vintage (English)
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A good vintage
pronorm Einbauküchen
film // image

About the project

“A good vintage” is an image film for our client pronorm Einbauküchen, which impressively depicts the personal journey and development of people in their 50s. The film symbolizes life and addresses maturity, quality, sustainability and appreciation. Everyday scenes present the experiences and reflections of the main characters, focusing on the kitchen as the central place of action and gathering. It represents the quality and attention to detail that the pronorm brand stands for.

The visuals use desaturated natural tones to highlight the beauty of the everyday and encourage the viewer to pause and consciously experience. The high-contrast depiction of fresh food creates a visual connection to vitality and health.

The image film reflects pronorm’s brand philosophy: appreciation of quality and attention to detail. With the message “One thing we’ve learned is to listen,” the film concludes with an inspiring perspective on life while emphasizing our client’s brand values.