i-luminate - light up your kitchen
life is motion
i-luminate – light up your kitchen
pronorm Einbauküchen
film // product

About this project

The commercial ” i-luminate – light up your kitchen” is a poetic and visually stunning tribute to light, its sources and its ability to emphasize the aesthetics of objects and living spaces. Each shot has been carefully designed to highlight the element of light and its transformative effect on space.

With the use of aesthetic and high quality footage, as well as tasteful music, the i-luminate kitchen is staged in almost complete darkness. The sound and visual experience are cleverly combined to create an atmospheric scenery. In the final part of this spot, a wide variety of sounds are introduced to support a campfire romance and create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

This film is an impressive demonstration of how light and shadow can play together to enhance the emotional resonance of a kitchen. It is a masterful demonstration of the power of light to transform simplicity into something extraordinary.