pronorm Einbauküchen

About the project

The detailed 360° tour of this 1,900 sqm (approx. 20,450 sq ft) design-oriented showroom makes it possible to discover the latest kitchen trends and developments even after the in-house exhibition – at any time and from anywhere in the world.

The significant advantage of the 360° tour is the link between the realistic image of the exhibition area and the clear presentation of information on the individual exhibits. This innovative concept transforms the isolated, conventional viewing of films and photo galleries into a holistic, networked experience. It is possible to integrate videos, PDFs, photo galleries and text in any number of languages – here in German and English. This allows target groups to gather initial inspiration independently and without obligation.

The intuitive user interface further offers a structured menu for targeted navigation and an efficient search function that leads you directly to the desired information by entering keywords. In addition, helpful icons are provided to indicate the type of information included. A special feature are the Virtual Screens: Digital content inserted in the aftermath, e.g. on screens, which make the spatiality even more realistic and enliven it.