SL Packaging - Thunder, water, lightning
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Thunder, water, lightning
SL Packaging
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About the project

The film “Thunder, water and lightning” for our client SL Packaging, which was used as a trade fair opener, aims to appeal to visitors on an emotional level and create a positive bond with the company. The impressive staging of the barrels from different perspectives conveys SL Packaging’s passion for its products.

The film transports the viewers into a mystical-industrial world, creating a unified atmosphere with the trade fair grounds and stand. A plain black barrel is staged in a darkened hall. Targeted lighting effects, water elements, lightning, fog and dynamic camera movements create a suspenseful atmosphere. Slow-motion shots emphasize the variety of tempos in the film.

The secret of the barrel is revealed through information that is hidden under the varnish and only becomes visible when suitably tempered water flows over it. This artfully integrates relevant information such as the logo of the new product FoenEx or catchwords describing the company. Accompanied by dramatic music and targeted sound effects, the film draws visitors’ full attention to the product and the company.