Every project deserves passion.

Every idea deserves space.


Companions of your brand.

life is motion is a team of experts in visual communication. For over a decade, we have lived the symbiosis of creativity and structure. We love to empathize with brands and companies, learn their vocabulary and breathe the same air. This is how we realize projects & campaigns that have strategic, content and creative relevance.

As creative originals, we unite all communication disciplines under one roof and take care to increase the visibility of your brand.

With this foundation, we confidently formulate our promise: “We support you with a lightness of touch that does more work for you than we do for you.”

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life is motion

creative originals

At life is motion we have this expression of “creative originals”. By this we mean that we deeply care about uniting people on our team who are idiosyncratic, who breathe the world, who think around corners, who care about what they do and who glow for going the extra mile.

Simply because they love what they do. With this team we create films, photos or entire advertising campaigns, inspire our clients and their customers. That’s essentially it. No more, no less.